Peanut is a legume whose grains are very useful and valued for human consumption. Its size comes from 18 mm up to 20 mm, and it is a product prone to fall ill if it is not of the best quality, so it is very important to get a product with human consumption quality, like the one offered by our company, in order to avoid it to become indigestible for carps.

  • Put the peanuts to soak in a receptacle during all the night. The peanuts will soften due to the re-moisturizing.

Recommended soaking time: 24 hours

  • Next, we add some more water (just a few) into the one left in the receptacle and then we pour it all into a pot to start the boiling process, which depends of the sort of receptacle.

Recommended boiling time: 15 -20 minutes

  • It is quite usual to introduce different flavours and artificial colours with this product
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