Hemp is a little black seed approximately 5 mm length. It requires a previous preparation and there are several ways to do it, depending on angler’s choice. We explain the most usual.

  • Put the hemp to soak in a shut receptacle during all the night. It is better to use cold water. The size of the hemp will increase due to the re-moisturizing, so we have to make sure that the receptacle is big enough and contains water enough.

Recommended soaking time: 24 hours

  • Next, we add some more water (just a few) into the one left in the receptacle and then we pour it all into a pot to start the boiling process, which depends of the sort of receptacle. Make sure that the product softens but does not break.

Recommended boiling time: 20 minutes

  • Once the hemp is settled and cooled down to room temperature, we introduce it into a hermetic receptacle where we will leave it during all the night, in order to help the germinating process while the particle fermentation begins.
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