Lupins are very known in all the Old World, and we are talking about a very useful grain, depending of the situation. It is perfect to bait lakes and very valid to use as a hook bait. After being soaking for some time its natural sour flavour disappears.

  • Put the lupins to soak in a receptacle during all the night. The lupins will soften due to their re-moisturizing.

Recommended soaking time: 24 hours

  • Next, we add some more water (just a few) into the one left in the receptacle and then we pour it all into a pot to start the boiling process, which depends of the sort of receptacle.

Recommended boiling time: 30 minutes

  • Once the lupins are settled and cooled down to room temperature, we introduce them into a hermetic receptacle where we will leave them during all the night, in order to help the germinating process while the particle fermentation begins. It is required approximately 48 hours to get the optimal fermentation.
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