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Carp fishing

It’s well known that Carp Fishing is an amazing activity. In one hand, for his mentality, because after a wild fight against the fish, confronting strength, craftiness and skills to get an ephemeral goal, is returned back to water in the best conditions to be catch in the future by another angler. In the other hand, Carp anglers are quite responsible persons, concerned not only to catch good carps, but also about the environment, trying to preserve lakes and rivers as if they weren’t there.

Carp Fishing is one of the angling modalities which faster has grown all over the world, being Europe its main playground. You just have to visit any lake or river in Central Europe and you’ll see clearly some tripods with 3 rods lined up waiting for the yearning carp to approach to his bait, catch it and proudly photograph himself with his prey.

  Hook with hair-rig
Hook with “hair-rig”
Hair-rig with Tigernuts
“Hair-rig” with Tigernuts

After several years working together with some of the most important European companies and carp anglers, our company, Tigernuts Traders, S.L. has decided to develop a 100% natural products catalogue to ensure the most efficient catches.

We are specialized in particles, and particularly in Tigernuts, probably the most efficient and widespread particle you can find at the moment. It was after the arrival of the “hair” (before its appearance the bait was prepared directly on the hook, losing part of the sticking capacity. The hair permits the bait to hang directly from the hook) when this kind of particles of hard consistency when Tigernuts were used for Carp Fishing and its extraordinary acceptation in carps was demonstrated.

The particles we can offer are:

Likewise, we have the same range of particles ready to be used, preparing them in a complex process that permits the product preserve itself for a long time-period without losing any of their properties.

We invite you to know more about the products we offer, how and when use them and how to make your fishing days more satisfactory directly through our webpage.


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Tigernuts Traders has developed a unique packaging for Tigernuts: VACUUM PACKAGING.
This revolutionary packaging for Tigernuts is meant to provide unprecedented advantages in comparison to traditional packaging:

  • the risk of insect contamination is completely eliminated
  • no special storing conditions are required
  • no fumigation is required
  • complete protection of product during transport and storage
  • easy to handle and attractive bags


Good fishing!

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