Prepared products

Grains are one of the most efficient baits for carp fishing, while they are probably the product with less environmental impact. At tigernuts and grains section we have already explained step by step how to prepare grains when purchased raw, due to the importance of cooking them before use because raw grains can be highly harmful to carps health even causing death. After a wide range of tests, at Tigernuts Traders we have developed a system to prepare grains, aimed at anglers with no time or space enough to prepare their grains on their own or just for those impatient ones that want to fish without further ado, in which we have combined all our knowledge about these products.

Through this grain preparation system we can preserve all the qualities of the product without a waste of effectiveness, and with the advantage of keeping the product longer than those prepared at home. You only have to add, if wished, the appealings or artificial colourings to get your perfect bait and start using it.

We can offer these prepared grains:


Skinned Tigernuts



Giant Maize





As well, we have prepared a mixture, great to use in your baitmesh, which consist of giant maize, hemp and tigernuts, probably the three most effective grains gathered in one only bait.